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Here is some important information about Industrial Painting to peruse while you search for the page your looking for...

One of the things that make industrial painting different from regular painting is the amount of surface preparation that is required. Good preparation is the key to high quality, long lasting paint job, and this is especially true when the work undertaken will be up against the elements for the duration of its life.

Ways in which industrial painters will prepare a surface ready for use are by using:

– High-pressure water jets are used to wash away dirt and grit
– Various abrasive methods to remove defective coatings and rust prior to priming and repainting
While both are highly effective, abrasive surface preparation methods will leave the area which is to be painted with a refreshed look about it. Rust will be reduced, as will any dirt that has accumulated on the building or object due to its years of work.

It is also important to note that many buildings, tanks or containers will have a coat of paint on them already. To ensure the next coat is smooth-looking and the job is finished to Concord Painting's high standard, this first coat will often need to be removed.