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Concord Painting has been a leading New York City Commercial Painting company for the last 70 years. They have proudly served the local businesses of NYC, New York, The Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Long Island with their professional interior and exterior painting services for over six decades.
The secret of their longevity and success in this business comes from reliable resources, which gives them all of their needs under one roof. There is no need to contract the work out when all the expertise is in-house and available immediately. You can rely on Concord Painting for every aspect of your commercial painting job, from start to finish.
When you select the correct Painting Contractor NYC, NY, they will get the job done quickly and professionally while complying with the local laws. Using the right painter from the start means that you won’t have to worry about rehiring someone later to touch up work. Getting the job done right the first time gives customers lasting value to their property. Always go with the best to get the best results.

  • Stonehenge Management
  • Cintas
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • CBS Sports Network
  • CUNY – John Jay College
  • Cushman Wakefield
  • Cassidy Turley
  • Vanguard Construction and Development
  • Andrews Building Management
  • Time Square Construction