When looking for a Brooklyn Painting Contractor, NY businesses ask to see a portfolio.  Why is this necessary?  Because, unfortunately, you cannot just take anybody’s word for it.  You need to find out if the Brooklyn painting contractor NY, the Bronx or Staten Island – has a good reputation, skill, and integrity to do your job with care and excellence. Always ask for a list of references. Happy clients will usually be glad to give a useful reference.

From renovations on buildings in downtown New York City to scaffolding in Bensonhurst, NYC’s Concord Painting is the seventy-year-old family firm that you can trust. Proper planning and quality assurance are hallmarks of their work.  Concord pros understand that the Brooklyn painting contractor job doesn’t begin with the paint: it ends with the paint. In between is careful planning, scaffolding, rigging, and a hundred other details that separate the mediocre work from the truly sublime.

Concord Painting has the personnel, portfolio, and pride in its work to be New York’s premier Painting company.  All its jobs attest to its reputation. Just ask Sovereign Mercedes Benz in NYC, one of Concord’s “showroom painting and wall covering” delighted clients.

Once you have investigated all of the options available, you need to find out which Brooklyn Painting Contractor can do the job for the best price. This means asking all the potential painting contractors to submit estimates for the job. It is not necessarily always optimal to go with the cheapest option right away. Make sure to carefully review the estimates to see what exactly is included in the calculation.  Ask lots of questions and make sure you understand everything on the estimate.

When you select the right painting contractor in Brooklyn, they will get the job done quickly and professionally. Using the right painter from the start means that you won’t have to worry about rehiring someone later to do touchup work. Always go with the best company to get the best results.