Building Restoration-Facade Restoration NYC

New York Building Restoration is a seventy-year specialty of Concord Painting. We are not just painters. Any restoration project in New York requires rigging, scaffolding, hoisting, and in-depth knowledge of local law 11 and other NYC ordinances that affect building restoration in Manhattan. Ask Concord Painting about your Facade Restoration NYC project. Whether you manage an office building, high rise, or you are an architect needing scaffold, drop inspections as required by Local Law 11/98, we have done it all, and we can offer your expertise and experience second to none.

Based in Midtown Manhattan, Concord Painting is a hands-on project manager of your entire New York building restoration job from start to finish. We are local, we are professionally trained experts, and above all, we care.

Facade Restoration is an essential facet of building restoration.

Does your Brooklyn building have any water or air pollution stains? Are there air drafts in your facility? These could be due to cracks, holes, or problems with your exterior facade. With time, buildings shift, causing such issues.

It might be as simple as a couple of chipped bricks. If you allow these to go unfixed, then more chips will fall off. Eventually, you might lose entire bricks, which can be extremely dangerous to those walking below. The extensive projects require repairing and replacing the whole facade. 

Restored buildings have historical value. Historic buildings built before 1939 were constructed with a higher level of quality materials. Older buildings have unique personalities. Restoring a building preserves these unique details for future generations to admire.

If it’s possible, it’s always worth it to restore an old treasure rather than demolish it. Old churches, libraries, train stations are just a couple of examples of historic buildings that usually need restoration. 

We, at Concord Painting, offer many facade restoration solutions to your Manhattan building’s problems.