Commercial Painting Companies New York

Commercial painting companies in New York are a dime a dozen.  Anyone can hang a sign on their door and say ‘Painter for hire.’  But just because you can slap on a coat of paint in a pretty color doesn’t mean your work is quality. Concord Painting’s commercial painting companies in NYC have a stellar reputation for thoroughness, reliability, and excellence.

This NYC company has been in business for 70 years. Commercial Painting companies come and go, and though the New York landscape has changed in that time, Concord’s fundamental responsibility to its customers has not. Odds are, if you walk down the streets of Manhattan and further afield to Brooklyn and the Bronx, you will see many buildings that have been painted by Concord.  Concord does the commercial painting companies in New York trust with a hallmark of meticulous attention to detail and a view of the long-term.

Commercial painting jobs aren’t as simple as getting some college students on summer vacation together to paint a house. It takes a lot of specialized equipment, knowledge, and expertise to do commercial painting jobs right. That is why it is vital to find painting contractors with the right qualifications to get the job done properly and professionally.

The right commercial painting service will show you many ways in which their business stresses professionalism.
Background checks and drug tests are performed on all workers. All workers are also fully licensed, bonded, and insured.