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An Experienced Painter

Contact Concord Painting, the Commercial Painting company on Long Island, whenever you require an experienced industrial or commercial painter. Since 1951, our family-owned firm has provided high-quality interior and exterior painting services to businesses. We’ll help you accomplish your next painting project accurately and on schedule.

Commercial Painting Long Island

Highly Specialized Painting Services

Today on Long Island, our business, Concord Painting, helps commercial enterprises tackle the most challenging assignments effectively. As a specialized firm listed under “Painting Company Long Island” industrial directory headings Concord Painting, possess the experience, training, and equipment required to help you complete massive business painting projects successfully.

Commercial Painting Long Island

Not every firm possesses a high level of specialized knowledge required to tackle commercial and industrial painting projects. Just consider a few of the essential services Concord Painting offers to businesses today:

Commercial and Industrial Interior Painting

Commercial and Industrial Exterior Painting

Sign Painting

Extensive Scaffolding Services

Brick and Stone Repointing

Commercial and Industrial Painting Inspection and Quality Control Services

Installing and Repairing Exterior Stucco on Commercial Buildings

Professional Rigging Services For Commercial Painting

Surface Preparation

Old Paint Removal

Caulking and Emseal Installations

Painting in New Commercial and Industrial Construction

Painting Repair Work For Businesses, and More!

Let Concord Painting undertake all your challenging Long Island commercial painting assignments. Our painters appreciate the importance of abiding by safety rules and regulations. We frequently paint using scaffolding and rigging to reach those hard to reach places.

Why Our Customer Depend on Us

Our customers prize our strong work ethic and high level of professionalism. We strive to obtain complete satisfaction with our work. You’ll notice the scope and depth of some of our past assignments by perusing our website gallery carefully!

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To obtain the experienced, highly specialized sign painting and other commercial or industrial painting services you require, contact Concord Painting today for an estimate. We work on many skyscrapers and other extensive buildings in the Long Island area.

When you need the professionalism of experienced Commercial Painting on Long Island, make (212) 382-1100 the first number your call!

Alternatively, your company can reach us by sending an email to [email protected].