Parking Garage Painting in New York City

New York City laws require every garage to maintain a certain level of lighting in the garages. Garage Painting NY companies do their part with bright color paint. The parking lot lights may not be enough to cover the ample space hence the need to look for other ways of keeping it lit. Painting your garage in bright colors, primarily white, increases the illumination in a building making the clients feel safer and more secure while saving energy costs. New York’s Concord Paint Company covers all the extensive parking garage-painting needs at a reasonable price.

Services Provided 

Parking garages, inside and outside, are susceptible to corrosions, chipping paints, and cracking of the walls due to temperature and weather changes in the city. Garage owners do not have to worry since Concord Painting Inc. meets all their large-scale, commercial parking garage-painting needs. Below are the various services that we provide for Garage Painting NY:

  • Stucco installations and repairs.
  • Application of light reflecting specialized paint coatings for concrete and ceilings.
  • Concrete crack repairs.
  • Protection from corrosion.
  • Pressure cleaning to remove dirt and dust.
  • Safety marking and spot line painting.
  • Control joint repairs.
  • Other types of coating services that we provide include chemical resistant coating, non-slip coating, oil and gas resistant painting, and steel and pipe coating.

We remain the best industrial parking garage painting providers in New York City. The highly qualified professionals with a clear understanding of the parking garage laws and traffic markings will upgrade your parking garage complex to among the best in the city. The company also ensures that the parking garage has enough protection against harsh daily hazards, including whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Importance of Painting your Parking Garage

Parking lot owners may ignore the importance of painting their parking garage and leave the concrete without a single layer of paint, thus exposing the structure to a lot of damage. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a professional to paint your parking garage:

1) Beautify and lighting- painting improves your parking’s aesthetic value and increases its illumination without using an additional source of energy.

2) Safety- professionally painted, hi-visibility signage and lines improves traffic safety, thus minimizing the probability of causing an accident.

3) Keeping away the dust- sealing the concrete walls with paint and coatings prevents dust, pollutants, and dirt from sticking.

4) Prevents corrosion- moisture from the wind and vehicles easily penetrates the surface of concrete, moving up to steel beams leading to corrosion.  Corrosion, in turn, increases the size of the beams causing the walls to crack.

Garage Painting NY