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Painting Companies Long Island is your go-to painting company when your building needs a fresh coat of paint. Are you looking for painting companies on Long Island? At Concord Painting, we provide painting, Façade restoration, and rigging services on Long Island for schools, banks, apartment buildings, and much more.

How Often Should Buildings be Repainted? 

Just like the skin of your human body, a good paint coat serves as moisture, temperature, and a bacteria barrier. You can choose different properties for your commercial high-performance paint coatings, like corrosion-resistance. At Concord Painting, Long Island, we will help you protect your building’s concrete, bricks, and steel. The concrete, bricks, and steel are vital parts of the building and must be properly maintained.

Naturally, commercial building owners will want to know how often they should paint their exterior. Long Island weather damage includes harsh sun, rain, and wind. Over time, there could be a “Domino Effect” with extreme temperature changes and moisture weakening the paint. Then the sun can cause it to crack, and the wind could blow tiny flakes all around.

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Experts suggest that you repaint your commercial building every three to five years. Add excellent new paint finish by contacting Concord Painting.

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Brand New Paint Coat

Old paint tends to develop a dull, grayish look to it. Adding a bright new modern coat of paint can help you revitalize your property, company, and brand. A good time to paint is after a change in ownership or during a brand promotion campaign.
Signage paint coat finishes should be visible from long distances away. Consumers are attracted to aesthetically-pleasing brands. A new paint finish could increase your sales and add value to your business.

Façade Restoration

Do you have any water stains or air drafts in your facility? These could be due to cracks, holes, or problems with your exterior Façade. Besides painting, Painting Companies Long Island can also handle Façade restoration.
It might be as simple as a couple of chipped bricks. If you allow these to go unfixed, then more chips will fall off. Eventually, you might lose entire bricks.

Our Façade Restoration Services:

Brick Repair
Flashing Replacement
Joint Sealants
Leak Detection
Our rigging will handle any height for signs, buildings, and skyscrapers. Count on us to deliver superior quality.

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Protect your commercial building’s strength, beauty, and functionality by hiring Concord Painting to apply a fresh finishing coat or repair the Façade.