Painting Contractor Manhattan NY

For the Painting Contractor Manhattan, the industrial painting industry has changed drastically over the last 70 years. What hasn’t changed is the client satisfaction and painting capabilities of Manhattan’s Concord Painting Contractor. With Concord Painting running your industrial painting project, you are in good hands. Concord Painting has its own in house rigging, and scaffolding crews licensed by New York City and stands proud of its industrial painting. 

Painting Company NYC

Whether you need a Commercial Painting Company NYC painting work in Brooklyn or Queens, Concord Painting is the contractor for all of your painting, scaffolding, rigging, and restoration projects.  

Facade Restoration NYC 

If you need a painting contractor, the Manhattan Academy of Music will tell you that the plaster repair and entrance lobby painting Concord did for them was excellent.  Similarly, when in need of a painting contractor, Manhattan-based St. Phillips  Episcopal Church turned to Concord for its complete plaster and paint restoration project. There are numerous buildings and commercial properties all over New York City, all 5 Boroughs, and Long Island that have been professionally serviced by Concord Painting, Inc.

Painting Contractor Manhattan

New York City’s Concord Painting is well-equipped to accomplish any industrial painting job, be it exterior or interior painting, signage, large industrial buildings, or residences.  Concord takes care of the painting, rigging, scaffolding, prep work, and legal issues, so you don’t have to.