Parking Garage Painter NYC

Commercial Parking Garage Painting

If you are in charge of the management or own a large commercial parking garage, you understand the importance of your garage’s look and feel. There are many different parking garage painting companies located in New York, but very few produce high-quality jobs for a reasonable price on such a large scale. Concord Painting has offered its services to many satisfied customers for over fifty years.

Concord Painting

Concord Painting has been a family run business specializing in commercial painting and restoration since 1951. The last three generations of the family have been running Concord.  They have worked with many famous clients, such as the Empire State Building and the Cyclone Roller Coaster. Concord Painting offers services to those looking for industrial as well as commercial painting. This NYC painting contractor provides building facade restoration services to its clients too. 

This company gives you the best services possible for parking garage painting.  Customers are communicated with throughout every aspect of the project (no matter how big or small the project is). The job is not considered finished until all parties are delighted.

Concord Painting is fully insured. The company is also licensed, only hiring the most qualified craftsman, riggers, painters, etc., for your projects. This hiring practice ensures that every project will be completed to the highest quality and efficiency possible. The company now boasts a New York City of Department of Buildings Master Rigger License. They are now able to input installations using the scaffolding technique.

At Concord Painting, they inspect all equipment before using it for your project. All equipment must be working well and in good order. The staff is professionally trained on the use and safety of equipment before going out into the field. Concord Painting can handle every aspect of your commercial parking garage painting job that you need to be covered. This is something that not every business owner can do. You must know which services you might need from your chosen commercial painter.

Your Next Project

If you need an extensive, well-done project by highly trained experts, then Concord Painting should be your next call. The company has worked with various customers throughout the year, and your project can be next!