Commercial Painting Services Queens

Concord Painting’s Queens Commercial Painting Services are the bread and butter of its business and the reason they are appreciated in New York City as the standard of excellence in painting.

Queens Commercial Painting Services

It is Concord’s distinguished history of seventy years as a New York exterior painting contractor that puts it ahead of the competition.  Commercial Painting Services which often require rigging, scaffolding, signage, and the like are so complicated that it’s vital to work with a company that can get every aspect of the job done as well as knowing the ins and outs of working in a big city such as NYC. 

The secret to Concord’s continuing success stems from its solid resources all under one roof. There is no need to contract the work out when all the expertise is in-house and available immediately.  It’s Queens Commercial Painting Services for every kind of painting project, be it an industrial residence, institution, or public structure – whether in Brooklyn, Queens, or NYC.

Concord Painting has been in the commercial painting business since 1951 and still provides the finest professional commercial painting services in Queens, New York. The secret to our longevity and success in this business comes from our solid resources which give us all of our needs under one company. You can rely on us for every aspect of your commercial painting job, start to finish.

When you need the professionalism of experienced Industrial Painting Services in Queens, NY, make (212) 382-1100 the first number you call! Or you can reach us by sending an email to [email protected] for a quote on your commercial painting needs today.