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Concord Painting Sign Painter NYC New York

There was a time when the New York Sign Painter was the only large scale advertising game in town. Before the billboard and neon sign, before the led displays, there was the skilled sign painter decorating Manhattan with intricately painted advertisements mimicking the print ads of the time but on a much larger scale. Some of these artworks would be listed and protected if they still existed, and there is a move among some agencies to hark back to the vintage sign painter's creations.


Now, of course, they are mainly computer generated, but the actual sign painter's work is still meticulous and handcrafted. Using a grid pattern the painting itself is always done by hand. The color matching is done by eye and hand through experience in working with the paint and different surfaces. A sign painter can be categorized as a commercial contractor, but in a finer sense, the sign painter is a true artist. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd in a growing and popularly acclaimed medium, call Concord Painting, for your sign painting needs.