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New York Sign Painting

Sign painting done by a real sign painter was nearly a lost art in modern times. With the advent of neon and billboards, adverts could be mass-produced and installed with little skill or artistry. New York Sign Painting suffered in the seventies and eighties but is making a steady comeback thanks to the public appreciation of its artistry and appeal. As a building owner, would you prefer that your walls were plastered with paper, neon, or handcrafted by an NYC Sign Painter?

There’s nothing like the brightly painted hues of a hand-painted sign representing a business. Just like everything else, it was good then, it’s even better now.

Even while the sign is being painted, it’s drawing the interest of the curious. It’s entertaining to passersby. Many businesses are asking for these custom designed hand-painted signs again because they appreciate the beauty and artistry of these hand-painted signs. Frequently, tourists and residents alike notice these colorful works of art. 

Commercial Sign Painter New York City

How many people stop and stare at a bill poster being put up or a screen being erected? It’s modern, sterile, and uninspiring. However, as we work on a sign or advert painting project, people stop to stare, ask questions and take pictures. Small crowds form to take in this time-honored spectacle of sign painting in Manhattan. The creations are real works of sign painting art and grace any building.

Please take a look at our Sign Painting Gallery, where you can see some of our sign painting/gallery projects. With our painted signs, you don’t have to worry about wind and other damage from mother nature.  Our clients are thrilled with the attention their painted signs draw.

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